Turn Your Political Campaign Website Templates Into A High Performing Machine


Everyone has considered using political website templates for their campaign. And, honestly, if you don’t have other means, this is an option that can work for you, if… you turn your template into a high performing machine using the tips I’m including in this post.

If you read my posts you know I do recommend using WordPress for your campaign site for lots of reasons. This software allows you to install some great plugins and use some prefab themes to get your site up and running. I always tell my clients to get the site up already, so that isn’t a bad way to go, at least, at the beginning.

A Word About WordPress Templates

You can even get your hands on a theme that allows you to easily modify it by changing colors and images. In many instances this is as far as some candidates go. Some are free and others cost a small fee.

First you should make sure any template or theme you decide to download is mobile responsive, which simply means it looks good on any device you view it on. The same site design will function on a tablet, a smart phone, or a desktop computer without any hitches.

To me these type of designs are superior for a candidate to use because html type themes require a lot of coding and technical knowledge. With WordPress you can just get to work on your campaign rather than learn a coding language.

Both can be custom made for you including pretty much anything you want like social media links or posts, logos, branding, and functionality. The layout features are also important to consider, but if its built on the WordPress platform you have a good beginning package.

Supercharge Your Site With Media and Content

As a candidate you are likely focused on facts and figures. I mean, you have to get ready for your impending debate, right? But if there was any lesson learned by the most recent election it is that social media, engaging content, and having an opinion and voicing it makes a difference to your campaign. That’s a large departure from previous campaigns.

So, be sure and use images and videos, and other media on your site. Premium sites will include images and most likely options for changing out pictures. Adding them to your posts and videos when appropriate is a great idea.

Make Sure Your Template Includes The Basic Pages

You need an About page with information about you and your qualifications for politics.

You will also need a Contact page which will include a way for someone to email you, come by your campaign headquarters, how to donate or help and reach you on the web at popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Be Professional

Any theme you launch should present you in a professional manner. Share about events you will be speaking at. Use a logo. And for heaven’s sake blog. No really. I mean it. Blogging give you an easy way to come up with social media posts, but more importantly it lets you express yourself in a less formal way. Just be sure and stay professional.

Be friendly. Ask for support.

Wherever you get your hosting make sure your site is fast. Visitors will not tolerate a slow, clunky site.

You can save time using these templated styles on your site, add a plugin or two, write some content and start blogging. You can always change the theme later. You’ll be so surprised at how powerful this can be for politicians.



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