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Welcome to GibsonGirlsPublishing.com, your resource for online campaign web design, logo design, and more.

If you are running for a local government office your time is precious. It seems like you have to be everywhere, all at once. Your campaign manager is doing what they do best, arranging for you to meet and greet all the constituents you can.

We think that’s great, but what about all those people you are missing? That’s what we concern ourselves with here are Gibson Girls. We help local candidates with their election by providing web design and development services, press release distribution services, social media management for political races, video creation, paid advertising services, and so much more.

To help the potential candidate get started we offer a FREE webinar which highlights the content a website should contain and how to get that together for your website, even if you do it yourself.

Before voters vote they want to know about the issues that are important to them, who’s running, how to contact people to voice their concerns, donate or volunteer.

Whether city elections, district, county, or state, elected officials should be easy to find online. A good race includes educating voters on your recommended solutions to problems and concerns they have. What better way to do that than online, 24 hours a day?

Campaigns cost money. Whether you go door to door in your community or put up a website. But dollar for dollar, websites and online marketing make the most business sense. Read more or call today to find out what makes the best successful strategy for your campaign.