Local Elections

Local election Austin Texas

No matter where you live in the United States, local elections have more of an impact on your day to day life than the larger, national politics we’ve all grown so accustomed to. And if you are yourself a local politician you know there is much to learn and much to do before the election.

Such elections can be for mayors, judges, sheriffs, council seat positions, clerks, school board members and others. These can be for city, county seats or state government. Ballot measures and other initiatives can also end in voting on particular issues. Pay attention to district news for results related to municipal and federal laws.

You can learn about upcoming elections and local races, their dates and deadlines at U.S. Vote Foundation. They include mayor and city council elections in the top 200 cities in the United States.

You will also find other helpful information related to local races such as voter registration deadlines, absentee and early voting. There is also an official directory with contact information for candidates, election offices and special elections.

Their goal is to share all areas with 100,000 residents or more, voting information necessary to make informed decisions about a race.

It is important to note that state and local elections may take place any year, and at different times of the year.