Political Website Builder – What You Should Know

Web Builder for Local Politic Sites

If you are interested in finding a political website builder you should know what to look for, don’t you think? Someone who can guide you through the process and knows the techy stuff so you can focus on your campaign, right?

GGP wants to offer some long overdue advise on this topic, so grab a cup of coffee.

First you want someone who knows SEO so they don’t make decisions that will penalize you in the search engines. I mean, what good is a great site if no one can find it.

Second you want someone who can coach you concerning content generation. What you say, who you target, how you organize that content is all very important.

Third you want someone who will help you understand that your site can meet many different needs of many different audiences, such as interested voters, the media, and potential contributors. Your content strategy should include all these and more.

Fourth a political website builder worth their salt will know how to get you up and going YOURSELF in quick order. What I mean is they may do all the heavy lifting, but they will ensure you can update the site yourself, quickly and easily as the need arises.

Fifth, they will steer you towards solutions that will magnify your efforts as in automation, repurposing content, and how to promote it.

Your website and presence online isn’t everything, but it’s a lot. Look for a builder who can help you get this phase of your campaign development off to a good start. Gibson Girls Publishing can help you get started today.


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